Everything you need to know!

Info on Application + Removal, and more!

Step 1: Prep!

DO NOT miss this step as prepping your nails correctly is essential to allowing your press on's to adhere effectively and last as long as possible!

Remove any nail polish, trim down natural nails, and wash hands thoroughly with soap.

  1. Start by pushing back your cuticles using the cuticle stick & filing down your nails.
  2. Selecting correct size nails for each finger placing them above your natural nail beds and choosing the ones that have the most suitable fit and lay out in order.
  3. Gently buff your nails using the buffer or nail file in the prep kit included.
  4. Wipe all your nails completely with the alcohol wipe. This will remove the natural oils on your nail beds.

Step 2: Choose Adhesive

Option 1) Sticky Tabs (Short term wear) (1-3 days)

• Choose the sticky tab that is the correct size for each of your nail beds, and apply the adhesive

Option 2) Nail Glue (Longer term wear) (Up to 14 day Wear)

• Apply a pea dot sized amount of nail glue on your natural nail, and a thin layer on the back of artificial nails.

Step 3: Press!

  • Apply at a 45 degree angle with and press down firmly for 20-30 seconds, ensuring you remove all air bubbles upon application.
  • Repeat this process on all your pretty fingers, and Voilà, you're ready to enjoy gorgeous nails for up to two fabulous weeks!

Hotpress Nails Pro Tips:

  • After using the alcohol pad to wipe your nails, be sure to advoid touching them with your fingertips. Doing so could reintroduce the natural oils you just removed with the alcohol wipe. 🚫👆

  • For the perfect, long-lasting nails, make sure to choose the right size from the 12 available in each HotPress Nail kit of 24. Before applying the glue, ensure the artificial nail covers your natural nail bed completely. Avoid nails that are too large or too small – they can lead to premature 'goodbyes' by letting water sneak in and have a chat with the glue, potentially causing discoloration or pre-mature lifting. 💅✨👌

  • Apply an ample amount of glue to ensure there are no sneaky air pockets, so your nails are properly secured, and wear time is extended. If you happen to go a bit overboard with the glue, no worries - simply wipe off the excess immediately and remember, don't touch the glue with your fingertips; it bonds quickly 💅✨🧐

  • Time to pamper those freshly done nails - treat your nails like they're freshly baked cookies – Avoid water for the first hour they need a little time to set. So just let them chill and get to know their new home! 😄💦

Here's a handy tip for removing your press-ons without causing any damage: simply soak them in warm, soapy water with a touch of oil (like cuticle oil, kitchen oil, or body oil) for around 10-15 minutes.

Please keep in mind: The time it takes for your press-ons to come off may vary depending on the amount of glue you used and how long they've been applied.

Start by soaking your nails in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. Gently lift the edges of the artificial nail and remove it completely. If the nail is still holding on tight, give it an extra soak for another 2-3 minutes. 💅🛁🧴

For the perfect, long-lasting nails, make sure to choose the right size from the 12 available in each HotPress Nail kit of 24. Before applying the glue, ensure the artificial nail covers your natural nail bed completely. Avoid nails that are too large or too small – they can lead to premature 'goodbyes' by letting water sneak in and have a chat with the glue, potentially causing discoloration or pre-mature lifting. 💅✨👌

Absolutely! Our press-ons come in medium-long sizes by design, providing you with the flexibility to trim and shape them to your preferred length and style. HotPress Nails can be easily customized by filing the sides and tips, allowing you to achieve your perfect fit and style.

Temporary Wear (up to 1-4 days): With the correct prep, your nails will last up to 1-4 days with our sticky tabs included in your Hotpress Nail Kit.

Extended Wear (up to 2 weeks): For nails applied with our nail glue with the correct prep, they can last up to 2 weeks. (We've heard some people have had them on for 4 weeks at a time!)

  • Note that these estimates can vary depending on your lifestyle and whether you used the correct application technique!

  • Make sure to always remove any oils from your nail bed by wiping them with an alcohol pad (provided in the kit), before applying the sticky tabs or glue!

Why should you give press-ons a try? Here are some compelling reasons:

♻️ Reusable: The HotPress Nails kit includes both sticky tabs and glue, making your press-ons a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Convenient: With less than 10 minutes to apply and just 10 minutes to remove, HotPress Nails fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

💸 Affordable: They're a budget-friendly alternative to costly salon visits, so you can stay stylish without breaking the bank.

🚫 No Damage: Designed for temporary wear, HotPress Nails won't harm your natural nails, keeping them healthy and strong.

🎨 Customizable: Achieve the perfect nail length by using a nail clipper and our nail file.

Press-ons are perfect if:

👩‍💼 Your job doesn't allow nails – our temporary sticky tabs are your savior for 2-4 days of nail flair.

💅 You're all about nail design variety, switching it up with every mood.

💔 Your natural nails need a little TLC, and you want a gentle, stylish alternative.

😍 You adore those salon-fresh nails, but they cost too much and grow out too fast!



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