Press On Nail Detail (What you get, Key features)

Say goodbye to those 2-hour salon visits and never worry about undone nails again! Our kits have all you need to achieve salon-quality nails in just 10 minutes! 💅✨

Love the design but not the shape. No problem at all! These kits are 100% customizable – simply use the nail file included in your kit to shape them to your heart's content! ❤️💅✨


♡ 24 Nails Per Pack
♡ Hotpress Nail Glue (Net Wt 2g) - for longer 2-3 weeks use
♡ Hotpress Sticky tabs - for shorter 1-4 day use
♡ Nail File
♡ Cuticle Pusher Wood Stick
♡ Alcohol Pad

✨ Key Features:

♡ Premium Quality Strength and Finish
♡ Flexible at the base to ensure a naturally comfortable fit
♡ It can be easily applied and removed.
♡ Reusable
♡ 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free