What is included in my Hotpress Nail Kit:

・1 x Wood manicure stick

・1 x Mini nail file

・1 x Mini nail buffer

・1 x Alcohol wipe

・1 x Nail glue

・1 x Adhesive double-sided gel tabs

How do I apply my nails?

Prep your nails with the items included in your Hotpress Nail Prep Kit.

Use glue or adhesive gel tabs. Use both for a longer hold.

1: Clean and wash your hands and nails.

2: Push back cuticles with a wood stick

3: Clip, file, & shape natural nails

4: Gently buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine.

5: Use the alcohol wipes to dehydrate any oils on the nail beds.

6: Test fit nails to ensure proper fit before using glue or tabs.

 If using adhesive tabs apply them all on 10 fingers and remove the protective film, then stick the nail on 1 by 1 and firmly pressing and smoothing them down for about 10 seconds each.

If using glue apply a thin layer on the natural nails one at a time and then stick and hold the nail firmly for about 10 -30 seconds until bonded. Do not wash hands for about 1 hour if possible.

 What size do I order?

The easiest and most efficient way to take the guesswork out to find your size is to purchase our sizing kit. The sizing kit has one of each size nail to ensure the perfect fit before ordering. 

You may measure your nails using our sizing chart and follow the direction "How to measure" 


If your sizes are different from the pre-set sizes, go ahead and let us know in the "note to seller" or "personalization box" (Thumb to pinky) portion before check out.   

 What if the nails I purchased do not fit?

No worries, if you ordered the wrong size or measure incorrectly, you can always purchase a replacement nail. Send us a message and we can help assist you. 

We offer sizing sample packs available for purchase before purchasing nails and or a size guide to help you find the perfect fit. If you can not find the sizing sample pack listing message us and we will send you the link. 

Due to the handmade nature of our product we are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. Please be sure to order the correct size. 

My nails are flat and I can not get them to stay on my natural nails because it has a gap. 

No worries, use the double-sided gel tabs to fill in the gap and or use both nail tabs and glue them together if you need a stronger hold.

 Should I use Glue or Adhesive gel tabs?

The adhesive tabs are directed more to short-term wear, to be able to reuse the nails multiple times. They are not as strong as glue, but they are easier to remove, with adhesive tabs you can wear them, and when you decide to remove them, pop them off, and put them back in the beautiful packaging provided for the next time.

Use glue if you need them to stay for a longer wear time. The glue is much stronger.

 How much glue should I use? 

You can wear your Hot Nails for as little as 1 day or up to 2 weeks straight.

See below for your desired wear time

1-4 Day Wear:

Use a thin strip of glue from the cuticle to tip and hold firmly for about 10 seconds.

5-10 Day Wear:

Use a dot of glue spread over your natural nail and hold firmly for about 10 seconds. Leave a small border around your nails creating space between your skin and the glue.

11-14 Day Wear:

Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of Hot nails and natural nail and hold firmly for about 10-20 seconds.

 Tip: Avoid washing your hands right after the application to ensure it completely dry. When it comes to the glue, less is more which helps prevent over-gluing. Make sure to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin and do not use on weak, irritated, or infected nails.

 How long do your nails last?

∙ Double-Sided Gel Tabs: Short-term use and can stay up to 1-3 days. Perfect for temporary wear, special occasions, easy to remove and reuse.

∙ Nail Glue: Long-term use and can stay up to 1-2 weeks. Depends on how hard/labor-intensive you are on your hands and if you in the water a lot. Make sure to follow the correct nail prep process to ensure long-lasting wear.  

∙ Both Gel Tabs and Nail Glue: Extra hold for longer-lasting wear and to help nails from popping off.

 Are your nails are reusable?

Yes!, all of Hotpress nails are reusable!

If using Gel sticky tabs, you can reuse press on nails again and again, easily remove the old sticky tabs and replace them with a new one. 

If you prefer nail glue, we would suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file so you can gently buff away any built-up glue on the back of the nails to clean up before you reuse it.

With proper care of your press on nails they will last for a long time, keep them safe in the packaging provided. 

 Will my nails come off in the water? 

Hotpress nails will not come off with water alone, you would have to soak them in and physically lift off the sides if using glue to adhere your nails. You can wash your hands as much as you want.

 How do I remove nails when using adhesive gel tabs or glue? 

A: The best way to remove the glued nails is to soak them in warm soapy water for about 10 -20 minutes, less time with an adhesive gel tab. Be patient and gentle when removing your nails so you can protect your natural nails, then use the wood stick pointy end to lift the edges and wiggle it around to take it off. Never pull or rip your nails off.

B: If using glue and it is too strong and bonded to natural nails you may soak in acetone.